About Us

HotBounty.com serves 2 groups of communities

  • Recommender-Individual like you!
  • Business Owners, wanted potential customers to increase sales



All of us has at least 500 or more contacts in our mobile phone, start recommending products or services your friends/family members intend to purchase for personal or work purposes, once business owner successfully gets a deal from the person your recommended, you will then earn recommendation commissions!


3 STRATEGIES to recommend & earn


Go to HotBounty “MARKETPLACE”

Strategy #1  : Click “ Recommend” if you are sure your contact interested to buy specific products/services

Strategy #2  : “SHARE” to social media, if you feel your contact might be interested
(we have your unique link as Hunter, so we know you are the one who recommend upon success deal is done)  

Strategy #3  : If you are aware that your contact is interested to buy a specific product/service, but not available at MARKETPLACE, go to HotBounty Home Page, fill up the information at “friend interested”, we will then find they relevant MERCHANTS and once the your contact is accepted, you will earn a recommendation reward offer by the merchant.



Business Owners who are continuously in search for QUALIFY* business leads to convert to sales  by their sales force

HotBounty.com,allows you as business owner to have FULL CONTROL of

  • How much to offer a commissions for your desired results.
  • What are the Terms & Conditions will offer the commission.
  • QUALIFY the leads upon receiving the recommendation leads.

NUTSHELL : Business owners only pays for desired RESULTS (ZERO RISK)


Tentang Kami

HotBounty.com berkhidmat untuk 2 kumpulan komuniti iaitu : -

Individu yang merekomen potensi kontak kepada pihak peniaga/usahawan, dari rakan rakan sosial atau profesional

Peniaga/usahawan yang mempercayai  bahawa perkembangan perniagaan,  adalah hasil dari usaha membina  saluran  berterusan utuk memperolehi kontak kontak berpotensi untuk sales team mereka supaya lebih efffective & produktif

HotBounty.com adalah satu platform pasaran online yang menyalurkan potensi kontak kontak perniagaan dari sosial media menerusi jaringan kontak kenalan dari setiap individu.